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Treatment for Depression

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Acupuncture significantly improves fatigue, anxiety, depression and sleep problems.

Auricular Acupuncture, a form of acupuncture that uses tiny needles which are inserted at specific points in the outer ear, achieves a turn around in the health problems within a short period of time, say researchers from the University of Pennsylvania.
They tested the therapy on a group of women with early-stage breast cancer who were being treated with aromatase inhibitors (Als), which cause joint pain in half of patients. The Als also cause other side effects, such as anxiety, depression, and fatigue. It was tested against ‘sham’ acupuncture, where the needles were not inserted into the skin. Women who had the real treatment reported a halving in fatigue, anxiety and depression.

When I treat patients with depression, I like to combine auricular acupuncture with energy kinesiology. This gives profound results every time. Here follows an example of a patient of mine:

John came to see me to get some help with his depression and feelings of ‘what’s the point?’ He could not understand why he felt that way, being happily married with two young children, living in his own house with the family, working in his own business. On the outside, everything looked very good and normal.

When I first met him, he looked quite withdrawn and miserable. Although in his early thirties, he looked much older. He could not give me any reason for why he felt the way he felt. I decided to start treatment by giving him auricular acupuncture and to follow this with an energy kinesiology session. The acupuncture treatment made him feel very relaxed and light-hearted. He enjoyed that experience.
During the kinesiology session I had to do age recession. In his case, his body was pointing out that his depressive feelings originated while he was still in the womb. We talked about this, and he spoke about his mother being under constant threat of being bombarded or shot at during the war in his home country. He learnt very early on, that life is potentially dangerous and it could end any moment. So, why enjoy life and look forward to the future?

He was not aware of the war situation at all, but it made all sense to him.

By the end of the session, he felt very relaxed still and said he can sense hope – hope of a good future for himself and the family.

He only needed a few sessions, and every now and then he comes back for a top-up treatment.

Treatment for Knee Pain

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Mr. Peterson came to see me for treatment for his extremely painful knee. He could barely put weight on this particular leg, bending the leg was impossible, and he found it very difficult to sit down. This was going on for a few months, before he decided to come and find out if I could help him. The doctors told him that he would need a knee replacement. But he wanted to try an alternative first.

He was suffering from arthritis, which was caused when his knee joint became inflamed. His arthritis was accompanied by pain in his knee joint, inflammation and swelling.

A new study (Arthritis & Rheumatology, 2014) has discovered that one third of knee replacement procedures should not have been carried out. In addition, the need for the surgery was inconclusive in a further 22 per cent of cases, which suggests that all total knee replacement procedures are dubious.

I had a look at Mr. Peterson’s knee. There was considerable swelling and immobility.
I decided to treat him with auricular acupuncture, where tiny needles are inserted at certain acupuncture points into each ear. After examining his outer ears, where the knee area of the affected leg was clearly showing, I determined the acute ear point relating to the joint inflammation and put an extra needle right into that point as well.

He felt very calm and relaxed after the treatment. Getting up from the chair felt already less painful to him. He was surprised when he could put weight on his leg again and slowly and carefully walk out of the clinic.

I informed him that a number of treatments are recommended to ease discomfort and to restore full mobility and to achieve long-lasting arthritis relief. I know from my professional experience, that arthritic knees are an easily rehabilitated pain condition.

At his next treatment he told me that he needed much less painkillers and was able to sleep through most nights without being woken up by the pain. The swelling of his knee had gone down. Sitting down and getting up from the chair was considerably less painful.

Mr. Peterson needed a few treatments and recovered full mobility of his knee. He could stop taking pain relieve. Needless to say, he did not need knee surgery or knee replacement.

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