Treatment for Panic Disorder (Panic Attacks)

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People with panic disorder (panic attacks) are suddenly struck by feelings of terror. The attacks occur without warning and, as a result, many develop severe anxiety in anticipation of the next panic attack.

Symptoms may include a pounding heart and palpitations, feeling faint, dizzy or having tingling sensations. Many sufferers believe they are having a heart attack, are going to die, and are overwhelmed with fear and a sense of impending doom.

In my clinic, I treat people who are suffering quite successfully.
Panic attacks are both physical and emotional events. Therefore, I am using Auricular Acupuncture to calm down the autonomic nervous system. It makes the patient feeling at ease and relaxed. I follow this up with a kinesiology session where I can help with restoring proper brain functioning, which means enabling the brain to get out of the ‘flight or fight’-response. We can also find out the origin of the panic attacks within the kinesiology treatment.

Georgio, a 35 year old property developer with a young family, came to see me because his wife and children could not cope with his panic attacks and what they did to him any longer.

He told me that the attacks occur almost every day, even several times during the day. He felt reduced to a frightened little boy, helpless and unable to move. This could happen when he was driving his car or talking to customers. This was very unsettling to him and the family.

I saw him only a few times to help him overcome his panic attacks for good.
Each time, I started the treatment with an acupuncture session. Then I followed it up with kinesiology. What was so interesting in his case to him, was the fact that age recession led him back to the moment when he was being born. At that moment he experienced total panic and a sense of not making it through. When I talked to him about this experience, he remembered that his mother told him, that she had just lost a baby during the process of giving birth. It had happened almost a year before Georgio was born. So, the mother must have been in total panic and fear that this little baby will die as well – and little Georgio was picking it up and stored it in his unconscious mind. The birth of his own little boy brought it all to the surface.

Remembering and acknowledging the original trauma was all that was needed for the panic attacks to disappear.

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